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t that point and began blowing his horn. the individual then came around truck. front of the structur >> is described as a white male, 5 foot eight, 150 pounds, gray hair and no facial hair and wearing a red and blue flannel shirt. this happened shortly before 11:30. the speed camera operator parked his vehicle next to a state road construction road stone near the i-95 exit ramp for the airport. >> state police helicopter assisted dozens of members of law enforcement. whoever is responsible has generated a number of calls to police. no word on whether police have identified the suspect. to go there is nothing that investigators have been able to determine right now as to what he was saying or why he was saying it. much too early to speculate as to motive.
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>> authorities have opened 295 in both directions after closing it. motorists complained about being stuck in traffic. business people express concern about disruptions. one man went as far as to say as a suspect did not use a gun, he used a hammer. >> the manhunt continues at this hour, and that includes poring over hotel surveillance footage. anyone with information is urge to call 911. and >> be the first to know when news breaks. sign up for the free breaking news emails and text alerts at >> the man convicted of murdering his girlfriend in 2009 will spend his life behind bars. a judge sentenced frederick allen christian to life without the possibility of parole. her body was found in 2010.
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to go charles novak will spend 10 years behind bars for taking pictures of women inside their home. he pleaded guilty today to first and third degree burglaries. police say they found multiple pieces of equipment in his home containing images of 260 victims, including his own mother. he will be required to register as a sex offender. to go a man is behind bars after arrested for allegedly stabbing his father in the chest. police responded to the shopping center around 4:00. no arrests have been made in the incident. police are looking for a shooter and one case and a person of interest in the other. jane miller is live in the news room with the very latest. >> the shooting involved a four- year-old boy. he is now home from the hospital
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while investigators remain puzzled about the source of the bullet that hit him. and he was walking away from the harbor when he was hit in the leg by a small caliber bullet. investigators are backtracking the images to find the trail of the bullet. so far investigators have not been able to find evidence of any shooting, suggesting the bullet was fired from very close to him or from our real distance, up to a half mile away. also, a police report no progress in identifying this so- called pursuit of interest in a fatal stabbing monday night. joseph gallo was stabbed in the neck. the incidents are causing a review of the city's handling a big event. next up, the grand prix over labor day weekend. the city councilman is a big supporter of the event and not worried about security. >> people are paying prices to gain admission.
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there will not be any spectators and outside the track that will see anything. it is not like you have crowds of people congregating and walking about. generally people who are paying for tickets do not cause those problems once they're in the venue. >> councilman cold calls monday night's incident isolated and notes to other recent events, both went off without a hitch. >> a funeral arrangements are finalized for the mother and young daughter who were killed at a hotel. a funeral for alicia avery and dariel parkville as been planned. in a fire destroyed classic cars at home in baltimore county. crews responded to a home on
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candlestick driver around 9:00 this morning. there were told the fire started in the garage and quickly spread to the home. fortunately no one was injured. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. and >> after yesterday's filing deadline for city elections the field is set for the run for city hall. stephanie rawlings blake remains the front runner, but there are few candidates who hope to swoop in for a come-from-behind victory. we're joined live from city hall with more on that. >> the race is on so to speak as six democrats and two republicans are making a run for the city's top spot as the primary candidates list of revealed by the state canada list. there are many issues at hand. experts feel that incumbent stephanie rawlings blake has the best chance of winning right now, given her recent endorsement and the fact that she has so many people standing
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behind her. >> you would think the election that could change the guard and baltimore city would generate a lot of excitement, but according to political experts like donald norris, this year's 2011 election is turning out to be our real snooze there. >> other candidates have generated a lot of excitement. primary ballot will consist of six democrats and two republicans running for president -- for my year. they include frank conway, katharine q., stephanie rawlings blake, otis riley, and republicans also griffin and vicki harding. at this point, the income that has generated the most money and receive the most endorsements from the governor and various senators and conference people and from the city council it set -- it's self monday morning. >> they can claim that all of
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these important officials think that they are the pri -- right canada for the office. so it is important to have endorsements. on the other hand, some endorsements do not bring in many votes. to go there is also an advantage given the number of people running against her. in fact, he says it would be tougher on her if most about out, leaving only one to give her a challenge. >> there are so many candidates running against her, the more the merrier. they cause the -- carve out the anti-rawlings blake boad. >> the mayor is up for debate on radio and television. one other alexian note, we're live outside of city hall, wbal-
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tv 11 news. >> in tonight's education alert, baltimore county is spending millions of dollars on new construction projects. that means crews will be busy trying to stay on schedule. tim tune is live in the studio with us with details. -- tuton is live in the studio with us with details. >> the new george washington carver center for arts and technology is taking shape. the $46 million building is set to open in august of 2012. that is why this summer is so critical in helping workers to stay on schedule. across town, construction crews
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still have a ways to go to finish work on the new $85 million for high school. the combined campus when it is finished will have enough room to educate almost 2000 students. >> the combined schools will open up a lot of new opportunities for kids, because public schools now is you go there and just sit there. this will help put a lot more funds back in the school. >> school staff members are seen see the doors open in 2013. >> is really exciting. we're hoping to fill the community in on the big plants. ." hampton elementary school is most recent school in line for a
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facebook. the new edition will wear -- will double the learning space. it will have a number of new classrooms. in >> there is still much more news ahead on 11 news at 6:00. have you been to the ocean lately? scam artists are targeting ocean city visitors. >> of plane crashes at a local airport. that story of next. to go how not to propose to your girlfriend. >> parts of maryland getting soaked with showers and thunderstorms, but not around baltimore. the forecast is coming up. hazy sunshine keeping warm. hazy sunshine keeping warm. 87
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>> is video of a plane crash may look like it did not end well, but the pilot did make it out alive. the cause of the crash still under investigation. coming up on nightly news, and thompson shows us how body burnett and a group of volunteers are using stained- glass angels to raise money for the john hopkins cancer center. >> it is the time of year when many of us hit the road. some of us are even driving on it. be aware. >> tonight debra wiener takes a look at a scam that often tart -- starts overseas and can target people who are planning a visit to ocean city. >> who does not want the sun and sand of the ocean, especially
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when a good deal of jumps out at you? >> the price was good. the pictures of the place looked beautiful. it was right in the location we're looking for. >> it was everything and as they soon discovered, and nothing at all. a fake real-estate agent for an ocean city property. it is even worse for others to pay up front for rental and show up and realize there is no rental at all. >> technology is incredible, and we are all susceptible to a really good deal, but sometimes you have to say is it really too good to be true? >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with tom tasselmire. >> temperatures above normal again today. it is actually more humid to our south and east, and that is where the showers and storms
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have been dominating the atmosphere today. around baltimore a warmer than normal day. we hit 89 of the airport. 95 downtown. the record high was just one year ago today. not the hottest. the hottest is one of seven. -- is 107. last year we were within two degrees of that. and the record low is 51 in 1979. 1.3 inches is the most it has ever rained and that occurred in 1931. temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s in downtown baltimore. 90 at rock call. 89 originally. it is actually a little bit cooler, but very muddy. the temperatures are down because there is showers there.
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the rain is occurring in areas where the dew point is higher. 75 and easton. less humid air off to the north and west of baltimore. where the dew point are in the '70s, that is where we see the showers and storms. severe thunderstorms in virginia. very strong gusty winds. that is things out of us with some of the rain getting up into southern maryland. here are around the baltimore area, partly cloudy and muddy tonight. -- muggy tonight. this front divides the activity, and it is fading away. it has stalled is now falling apart. that means with the new front coming in, showers and storms will redevelop across north
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maryland in a scattered it for tomorrow and more widespread showers and storms on friday. finally pushing out as we get into the weekend, but some of the rain might linger at least into the first half of saturday. tomorrow warmer than normal. a better chance for an afternoon storm. wynns mostly out of this out tomorrow. not much of a breeze, but when the thunderstorms pop up, that changes when the storms are crossing the bay. high temperatures in the low 80s. more scattered thunderstorms and 91. the lower eastern shore will see storms come up but also sunshine. the seven-day forecast, and global whether continuing into friday. lots of sunshine to wrap of the weekend. sunday's high temperature right around 90. >> are you tired of a computer wallpaper? some of the most amazing
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pictures are available for free. typical was background in town on -- it the coolest background in town on >> the orioles tried to avoid this week tonight in texas. a home-run in the second pitch of the game. as we've seen throughout this four-week tailspin, the birds cannot come through in the clutch. 0-6 last night. jim johnson for the loss. occasional hitting would help. jeremy guthrie i am sure. he takes the mound tonight four.g for whenevein number the women's world cup wrap up today.
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nobody feels very good about holding onto the ranking for team usa. sweden with a bit of a shot. taking the lead 1-nothing. the the flexion. sweden stunning team usa. second half. at the one that finally breaks through in the first goal of the tournament. -- abby wombat finally breaks through in the first goal of the tournament. you'll retired after the 2008 season with the raving. -- ravens. neill had a minor one-car accident. california highway patrol are
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right to give him a breathalyzer, which he failed. he became agitated later in a radio interview claiming he was not arrested and was barely over the legal limit. fortunately, no one was injured. to g>> real williams -- rory williams mailed an engagement ring to his girlfriend, the former miss texas with a video proposal. she declined but kept the ring. williams father said told her to keep it, but will now give it back because of legal issues. the most important lesson learned, do not ask a girl to marry you through the mail. >> thought this would work, why?
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>> is a fabulous question. one of the most ridiculous things i have seen. >> do not try that at home. he got what he deserved. and >> , is up next with a look of the seven-day forecast.
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>> an apartment and a couple of classic vehicles on fire, and officials say it was not an accident. police on the search for an arsonist in baltimore county.
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armed and has a hammer and on the loose. tonight live coverage as police book for the suspect to set down the b.w.i. parkway. taking a quick look at the 1 + one trash and recycling program. the council president also announces a bill that will more than triple fines for illegal dumping. these stories and more for you
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>> want to check with pete for
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quick clarification. roy williams the cowboy wide receiver who said the engagement ring. my apologies to the florida basketball coach. >> hot and humid weather. 91 tomorrow. muggy on friday. lingering into saturday morning. temperatures thing in the low 90s early next week. the dog days of summer are here for sure. >> thank you very much for joining us. nbc nightly news coming up next. >> we will see right back here tonight at 11:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group]
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